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Poems I wish I had written: Number Four

Day Seven Prompt: A list that isn’t a list

I used https://poetrysociety.org.uk/poems/the-silkies/ as inspiration for this.

Poems I wish I had written: Number Four, The Silkies by David Hart

She has my name, for one thing:
Mrs Kendrick.
But she wears it like a siren,
sultry defiance on her lips, sweet as jam.
A flash of red across a grey sea
as she hangs them out to dry.
A wild thing, alone apart from the birds
chattering in lines above.
She whispers to the seals, tells them
secrets of the sailors and their sullen wives.
Offers them wisdom from the sea,
salty and cold. They blink
their black eyes at her
and go back into the water,
where she can’t follow.