Am Editing

Until you have to do it, editing seems like the easy afterthought of the novel writing process. Just like childbirth, the memory of the painful editing process fades once it’s over, compelling you to put yourself through it again at a later date (and having given birth twice I feel I am qualified to use that comparison).

The novel is so close to completion that it’s now more frustrating than ever. I like the beginning, most of the middle and the ending. There’s a section just around the black moment when it all goes very badly wrong, not just for my protagonist but for me and my reader – the writing is dreadful, honestly. So that needs re-doing. I have a missing chapter and I repeat myself quite a bit (thanks, thyroid brain fog).

I just have to force myself to keep going. One of these days I’ll be happy to report that it’s done and I’m happy with it. Then I can start giving it to other people to read, which will involve a whole new set of issues to deal with.

2 thoughts on “Am Editing

  1. Sorry to hear that there’s a bit which is getting you down, Karen.

    I’ve never experienced the editing blues you describe – in fiction – because I’ve never written anything long enough for it to be an issue. But I can guesstimate what it’s like from doing essays at university.

    Why not consider putting it aside for a while – mentally and physically – and go back to it? You may find that, having taken a break from it, the solution to the problem stands out. Or, perhaps, you could write some poetry and/or short prose for a while? It’ll take your mind off the novel whilst keeping your writing muscles in good condition.


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