This is my first attempt at a Villanelle poem…about Villanelle from Killing Eve, the latest in my series of poems inspired by characters from film and TV. Villanelle and Eve have an extremely passionate relationship which mingles love and violence. Note: A villanelle poem consists of six stanzas: 5 tercets (3 line stanzas) and one quatrain (four line stanza) with repeating lines in a specific pattern.

Is this obsession

Which makes me crave you?

A strange passion.

You’re an unanswered question.

I can’t stop trying to answer you.

Is this obsession?

A strange fixation

I want to fix you.

A cruel passion.

An exhausting preoccupation

But I need to occupy you.

Is this obsession?

Blind intoxication.

I need to consume you.

A deadly passion.

Slow destruction.

I have to kill you.

Is this obsession?

A strange passion.

One thought on “Villanelle

  1. i quite enjoyed this. Villanelle is one of my favourite TV characters and to see her enigmatic persona captured in a titular style poem is charming.


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