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Things I Will Pledge Allegiance To

My dog, my books, a cup of tea –

the universe, my poetry.

Chris, risotto, sticky buns

Bees and flowers, my two sons.

Education, my left leg,

The sun, the sky, scrambled egg.

The Labour party, at least for now,

A speck of dust, a holy cow.

My favourite sock, a biscuit crumb

A lock of hair, my lovely Mum.

Slime mould, grass, a hairy knee,

immigration, celery.

A wink, a laugh, a persistent itch

But never to the idle rich.

The Cafe

Day Five: Laughter prompt

It was going to be a bad day –
the kind that follows a sleepless night.
I was wrapped in my pain and
I’d snapped at you already;
you’d wandered into a tangle
of worn out feelings, fractured nerves.
We went for coffee because
I needed the caffeine and we both
like cake. Anyway, it was raining.

A tiny cafe with plants and lights.
Candles on the tables.
You told me you could only
wink with one eye. When you tried
with the other it made you smile
on half of your face.
You showed me.
I laughed so hard I nearly
spat out my drink. I couldn’t stop.
Involuntary and helpless.
The rain stopped.